Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Honeymoon part 2 - Vancouver day 2

When we woke up on our second day in Canada we had a lovely surprise, the sun was out!

Really cute parking lot shot, I know. This is the shopping center where we exchanged our US dollars for Canadian dollars. So sad, for every 100 us$ we got 92 cad$. 

We walked... no, we trekked, over to check out Little India. The walk was probably around 45 blocks. We definitely got a bus/train pass for the trip back. And to our surprise, 95% of the shops in Little India are closed on Tuesdays. And it was a Tuesday. Did I mention we have bad luck? But we did find a yummy Indian buffet and a shop where I got my sister some bracelets and we thought about getting Brendon a sari, but decided against it.

Massive plate of Indian food? Yes please.

Brendon likes his bread.

 More evidence of the extensive greenery in Vancouver. The flowerbeds were fantastic!

There was an election the day we arrived, so there were all kinds of posters and signs up. I couldn't pass up posing with the Canadian Harry Potter.

Cherry blossoms everywhere, lining all the streets.

 Waiting for the train. Mass transit, you need to make your way to Texas. So cheap, easy, and quick.

We headed to Stanley Park which is this kind of island thing right next to downtown. It was really neat, it has a path going around the whole island with one lane for bikers/skaters, and another for walkers. The views were phenomenal, these pictures do not do it justice. We rented a couple of bikes and rode our way around the island.

This goose was not scared of anything. Just chillin, next to a busy road. I probably could have walked right up to it and pet it if I wasn't such a weenie.

First time I had been on a bike in years. I was terrified of wrecking.

Totem poles and me being touristy!

The helmets really make the shot.

That Disney cruise ship was following the same course our Carnival ship did. We saw them in Alaska, and even though we left a day after they did we somehow passed them and beat them to one of our ports.

 Such a beautiful day in a beautiful city!

Just a couple of nerdy honeymooners.

I'm telling you, this park was PRETTY.

The giant bridge over to North Vancouver.
Our ship went under this bridge, it was so tall!

Beginning to rethink the whole bike thing. On the far side of the island there was this insane wind from the ocean that made riding your bike quite a challenge. Especially when you're as out of shape as I am.

 Brendon was a total badass (as always) on his bike. He's such a boy, good at everything physical. I start panting when I look at stairs.

 Lonely tree!

Low point, so tired. Such a wuss.

There was a really cool beach on the ocean side of the island, I bet it would be fantastic in the summer. Some crazies were getting in the water already.

 Finally finishing our trip around the island.

Very excited about returning the bikes and being back on my feet.

 Contrary to how grumpy I look, I love trains! One of the best parts of being in a city!

Vancouver is probably the prettiest city I've ever visited. There are these ridiculous mountains surrounding you constantly. What a backdrop! And everything is so clean! Vancouver has got it going on.

Part 3 up next, leaving Vancouver and sailing off to Alaska!

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