Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Honeymoon part 1 - Vancouver day 1

I am finally undertaking the daunting task of photo blogging our honeymoon. There are over 1,000 pictures to go through, so I'm breaking it up by day so you all don't get tired of looking at our faces.

We stayed at the Riverwalk Plaza on our wedding night in the most amazing room ever! I wish we had taken  pictures, but we were still high on life (and a little hungover?) and didn't think to do so. That morning we got up and found this awesome hole in the wall taco place off the riverwalk and had a delicious (and cheap! cheapest meal of our honeymoon for sure) breakfast. Then we wandered around the riverwalk a bit, had some drinks and some lunch, then went back to the hotel room to chill because we were worn out! My feet were BEAT. I mean like literally swollen from dancing so much, I limped for the next two days. I'll have to post a pic of the bottom of my shoes, the bottoms of them are gone. It looks like tore up cardboard. Poor shoes.
 This is us chillin' on the plane. Wearing matching jackets. Yup. There were flight delays, of course, and we ended up sprinting through the Houston airport to catch our connecting flight to Vancouver. We have terrible luck with planes.

My dinner on the plane, since we didn't have time to eat in Houston. Actually pretty yummy!

Brendon's dinner. He wasn't about the olives.

We got into Vancouver at 1:30am their time so it was like 4:30am Texas time. We were pooped  to say the least. And our hotel... let's just say it was NOT what it looked like online. And it was under construction. It was an experience for sure.

Our first day in Canada was very very soggy. And we forgot to bring umbrellas. Fortunately we got some matching plaid ones at a dollar store, although they were $5 Canadian.

 We walked downtown, in the rain, which was actually a lot of fun!

Couldn't see much of the city in the mists.

Is there a way to look cute holding an umbrella? If there is, I am unaware.

 Vancouver had some amazing food. Everywhere. There were so many places to eat! Sushi of course was my favorite.

What a cute sushi consumer!

 Apparently most of the buildings in Vancouver were built around the same time, I think the city boomed in the 90's although I may be wrong. All the buildings looked very similar. Made me think of a modern Emerald City.

So many beautiful streets with beautiful houses! And so green! There was moss growing on everything.

That evening we decided to walk down to China Town. Check out that layer of clouds!

This is really all we saw, apparently China Town isn't a great place to be at night. Lots of shady characters lurking about. Plus everything was closed.

 So we walked down to the water and got a night view of the city.

 Across the water was North Vancouver. Check out that street in the middle of the buildings, that's a serious hill right there!

 Trying to take home a souvenir.

 We had Vera's Burgers for dinner, supposedly the best in Vancouver!

We also had some yummy local beer!

 Brendon's burger had a hot dog on it!

He's a little scared a think.

Please excuse our hair. We trekked through the mist and drizzle all day. Even my straight ass hair got a little rowdy. 

Stay tuned for part 2! The sun makes a much appreciated appearance and we get physical with Vancouver.

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