Saturday, June 4, 2011

blah blah happily married blah blah

How cute is this boy?? I think he seriously gets more attractive everyday. He's so aging well already. ;)

We kind of blew through our one month marker of marriage with all the crazy moving. But let me tell you, it's been a good month, regardless of all the stress. Happy days upon happy days. People kept asking me if it felt any different to be married, and it does but it doesn't. We're still the same people and really not much has changed, but every now and then I think of him being my husband and I have a little giddy fit of happiness. And we share a last name now! Changing mine was a pain, and I debated staying a Brooks, but I'm glad I changed it. He's the last Hogan in his family so it's like we've got a whole new legacy to live out. As much as I love being a Brooks, there are A LOT of us. Just a couple of us Hogan's.

Side note: the AC vent thing is making super creepy clicking noises. The cats are sitting below it very intrigued, and I'm staring at it like a gremlin is about to pop out. This apartment... it's going drive me insane.

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