Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I am alive. Barely.

The never ending sickness continues! I think I have finally gotten rid of the fever today, thank god. Four days straight of a fever? I was losing it. I actually went to the doctor yesterday, alone (and if you know me and my dislike of doctors, it had to be pretty intense to come to that), I just couldn't take it anymore. When you're freezing all day and being outside in 100+ degree heat feels good, somethings wrong. Apparently it's just a virus which stinks, because you can't treat a virus, only the symptoms. Just have to wait it out. I got a z-pack and intense cough syrup to help me sleep, but it makes me nauseous, of course. The cool thing was my doctor was a D.O., which is a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. Just like an MD but they're more about holistic and natural approaches to healing versus prescribing drugs, drugs, drugs. Very neat. AND he graduated from UNT Health Science Center in Fort Worth where our good friend Z graduated! Small world!

Anywho, I still feel like ass. And I'm very over it. But while I have been sick I have gone to three interviews and been offered a job! A very low paying job, but if worst comes to worst it's a job. Should be hearing back about the other two next week. Making progress!

This little baby has been my nurse through all my sick days. Although it may look like she's a lazy bum, she's been keeping me company in my various places of moping. We move from the office, to the couch, to the bed, back to the couch. Sophie would never admit it but she's pretty sweet. And with a fever I make a pretty warm place to chill.

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