Friday, June 24, 2011


Wednesday I got my first sunburn of the summer. My sister and I headed out to Canyon Lake to relax and catch some rays (trying to fight the paleness). Unfortunately there were swarms of these terrible tiny white bugs that caused extreme itching whenever they landed on you. It was the strangest thing I've ever experienced. They look like pollen floating around, and they made every exposed area burn and itch, so in a swimsuit you're screwed. So we just chilled in the water with only our heads poking out. Not a bad solution, the water felt great! But if you have any idea what these bugs or whatever are, we'd love to know! I tried googling them, but had no luck.

Thursday Brendon and I did some exploring downtown. We wandered around Congress and got Brendon some new glasses at the neatest shop ever. If you're in Austin and in need of some specs, Stars In Your Eyes Optometry is the place to go. On our way over we saw tons of little shops and eateries on South Congress. We are going to go back and explore that section next, and it's just a hop skip and a jump from our place. I love being so close to everything!

We also stopped by the Capital to steal some ac, use their bathroom facilities, and be tourists. Although I've been there tons of times, it's still pretty neat. You have to go through a metal detector now to get in! Who knew? They had the same thing going on in the courthouse in Denton. Times they are a changin'.

Thankfully I am feeling MUCH better and am able to enjoy life again. Pretty much back to normal aside from a lingering cough. Yay! And it RAINED the other day, or night actually. It was a pretty good storm! Nothing like the craziness we got in Denton, but I'll take it. Of course the next day it was back to being sunny again. Perpetual sunshine and heat, there's no escaping it.

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