Monday, June 20, 2011

Pneumonia sucks.

So when I said before that I just had a virus, not the case. Long story short it turns out I have pneumonia, but after like 10 days it's almost over! As soon as I got the right antibiotics, they immediately started knocking it out. I still feel weird and not so hot, but tons better than I did before and the fever is gone. Seriously, this week was probably the sickest I've been in my life, ever. For sure the longest. And really, who gets pneumonia? IN THE SUMMER? Weirdo's like me I guess. Brendon has been so wonderful taking care of me! And so worried too, I thought he was going to lose his cool when he found out I had pneumonia. Such a sweetie! Love that man.

And even though I still felt kinda blah, this weekend was really great. Z and his friend James came down to Austin so we got to see them and eat at this wacky burger place where they had an item called "Z's Frito Pie" (obviously we got it). I wish we could have seen them more while they were here, but I felt like poo. But it was so good to see Z! He's moving to Hawaii next month to help the health department prepare for zombie attacks (jk. maybe). We are going to miss him soooo much, but we will definitely be visiting! A lot!

Yesterday we celebrated father's day with my Daddio. He got lots of beer, fishing lures, and pool floaties. What more could a man ask for? It was a wonderfully relaxing day with some very yummy food. So nice to be able to spend a father's day actually with my dad. It's been years. So here's cheers to you Daddy! Thank you for always being there for me and giving me so much support in everything I do, I wouldn't be who I am without it. And thank you for being so much fun and a weirdo! I love you! :)

When we came home from my dad's last night I gave Brendon a haircut. This is the second time I've done this, the first was years ago, and I'm not really sure how it turned out, hopefully it looks okay! Pretty sure it was a bit too short in the front haha. Haven't seen it dry yet. I tried to peek when he left for work but I was sleepy and my eyes weren't quite awake yet. Speaking of being awake, I don't sleep for crap since I've been sick. We go to bed around midnight, I fall asleep around 1:30, then wake up again around 3:30 and then fall asleep again around 6. It's a mess.

Oh and I don't think it rains in South Texas anymore. It's been sunny every single day since we moved here. EVERYDAY. I like the sun and all but damn, I miss my wild North Texas storms! Or at least a rain shower. There's rain on the forecast this week, so we're crossing our fingers. Everything is so dry, fires everywhere. We need some moisture asap.

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