Thursday, June 9, 2011

Observations on A-town (can I call it that? or is that Atlanta? whatever):

There are a lot of yuppies and a lot of homeless people.

Local Austin-ites are weird and kinda hostile towards "transplants". Job postings will say "Locals only, no transplants!" Whaaa?? Isn't most everyone a transplant? Little unwelcoming if you ask me.

The traffic is not nearly as bad as I thought. Even when there is traffic it doesn't take long to get anywhere because...

Everything is so close together! And there is so much of everything everywhere! There are seriously like five HEB's in less than a 10 min drive around us.

HEB's! SO good to be able to shop at HEB again after 5 years of Walmart. They bag your groceries! And take them to your car! Take notes wally world. HEB, get your butt into Denton and wreck shop.

Bicyclists here are nutso brave! I was driving through downtown yesterday and they are everywhere, weaving in and out of traffic. I was behind a girl riding down a hill with no hands. Hands in the air making wave motions. For a while. I'm all for biking but dang, I wouldn't trust the cars around me that much.

Tons of parks around us! I wish it wasn't so unbelievably hot or we'd go explore. We used to go McKinney Falls State Park all the time as kids (I think that's where my sister learned how to ride a bike!), and now it's like 10 minutes away. Cool down Texas so we can enjoy the great outdoors. Whoa I just remembered that I had a dream last night that a cold front came through. People were wearing jackets! If only haha, I can dream right?

More observations to come I'm sure, and I leave you with this:

Why am I wearing sunglasses? Who knows. It was clearly all Greg's idea.

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