Sunday, June 26, 2011

tea love

Decaf green tea is my new favorite thing. And it's super good for you. Antioxidants! Zero calories! Super yummy! I'm addicted. And how cute is that cup? Wedding presents are wonderful. :)

In related news, I have orientation for my new job Friday at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. It's definitely not my dream job (I'm still on the lookout for it, if you see it let me know) and the pay will be considerably less than what I was making at the hoot, but I'm hoping it will be far less stressful and my body will appreciate that. Plus a jobs a job and we need that cash money! Hoping it all turns out good. Hoping I'm not working with a bunch of people 5+ years younger than me. Hoping working at a coffee shop with a bachelors degree doesn't drive me insane. THINK POSITIVE! The location is kinda cool though, it's a brand new new store right off campus so I'll be near Brendon while he's at school. Coffee breaks to visit the wife? Yes! Ironically I can't drink most of what they serve since I'm highly sensitive to caffeine. Brendon says I'll be working in a house of poison. So dangerous, livin' on the edge!

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