Saturday, December 27, 2014

Ready for 2015

Is it too early to make end of the year blog posts? Good news is, I don't care. 

Just going to go ahead and say that Out of the Woods by T-Swift is the anthem for this last year of pharmacy school. No lie, I've listened to that song a couple times recently and gotten highly emotional. IDGAF about 2015 except that it's the year that Brendon Hogan graduates. IT'S THE YEAR HE GRADUATES. This is a big thing. I have no idea what that will mean for us and our future, but ohmygod I cannot wait. There's a lot of uncertainty ahead of us. Eerily similar to this same time at the close of 2010, when we had no idea what was ahead of us. Pharmacy school? And if so where? Turned out pretty good though. Not knowing where you're going to live in the next 6 months is unsettling, but also exciting. No matter what happens, life will be different. And I'm ready.

2014 felt like the year of getting ready. The year of waiting. Calm before the storm? Too lofty? Regardless, I spent most of the year pacing. Feeling restless. Waiting. Ready to start our life. Which sounds harsh, because even in pharmacy school life has been reeeeeally good (and also reeeeeally challenging), but you know what I mean. Like really start life. Life without school, which is something we have never experienced. I am very curious about this life. I think it will be good. Very good. Not only does it mean a huge stress off Dr. Hogan's adorable shoulders, it also means TWO INCOMES THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. No matter what happens, we will no longer be living off of my income alone. Although don't get me wrong, I do not mind supporting both of us financially and I enjoy it. I'm proud that I can, in an "I don't need no man, I can float myself AND a man" kinda way. (THAT deserves a lofty post of its own). But knowing that there will be an additional income soon... y'all, that makes me giddy. Do I sound materialistic? Shallow? I don't care, at all. Life with two incomes will be something fantastic, I know it. I will be able to breathe a little. Just a little.

But truly you guys, aside from the one teensie little thing of Brendon finally graduating, doesn't two-thousand-and-fifteen sound magnificent? It's there something grand about it? I'm sure I'm loading that number with all kinds of feelings and ideals considering the two paragraphs written previously, but doesn't it sound exciting? I think it brings good things to everyone. Not just the Hogans. I'm hoping. I'm hoping it brings change of the good variety to many. I feel a general vibe of things leading up to something, not just in my life. And maybe this is the year. Or maybe not. We'll see. Life is what you make it, so let's try to make it a good one. 

Cheers, 2015. You sound like a winner.

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