Monday, December 22, 2014

Holiday photo 2014

Compared to last year, this Holiday Photo might seem a little weak, but you guys, it was so perfect. Because it was more than just a picture, it was an experience. A memory, y'all. So here's the story on how we met Santa:

While walking to Dinseyland on the most wonderful day ever, we stopped at the Paradise Pier hotel so Mr. Hogan could use the bathroom. At first I was like oh no, lets not stop there, you can hold it (ha, rude), but then I was like, what the heck. I wandered around the gift shop and then as I was walking into the lobby while texting Brendon I heard someone say, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" And I was like "OH GOD, they know I'm not staying here!" I looked up and lo and behold, it was Santa. "Who's on the phone?" he asked. I'm beet red at this point, "uhhh, my husband." "Your husband? Let me talk to him, I'll leave a voice mail." "Eh, heh, heh, I'm just texting him." "Oh okay. Well have you been good this year? I remember you from when you were a little girl. You know, I think we need to take a picture, you look like a candy cane!" And then, I took a picture with Santa. And giggled a lot. He told me that Ariel and Flounder helped him decorate the tree but Sebastian wouldn't help because he was too crabby (eeeeee!). Then some little kids came out and did their thing and then Brendon came back and Santa was like "BRENDON! Where have you been?" And then Brendon met Santa, we took a photo together, and the rest is history. It couldn't not be our Christmas card photo.

Walking to Disneyland I was just like "omg omg omg Santa. Did that just happen??" Truly, the most excellent timing. I think I mentioned in the Disneyland post how lucky we were with timing, and this was what started it all off. I mean, how often do you meet Santa? Not often enough I say. Not often enough.

And for a walk down memory lane, holiday photos from 2013, 2012, 2011

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