Sunday, December 7, 2014

California, lessons in relaxation

Greetings from California! Which is scary exactly like it is in the movies. Sunshine and perfect weather. Even the damn palm trees. We are here for Midyear which is a pharmacy conference for pharmacists and future pharmacists from all over the country! Brendon has a bunch of interviews for jobs and residencies. I tagged along because I've got mad vacation hours I need to use up, and because it just so happens to be in Anaheim. Right across the street from Disneyland. You guys know how I feel about Disney. Dream job, Disney Princess. But a real one. That just sings and dances and wears pretty dresses all day while woodland creatures follow. Ahem... so duh, I was in to come along.

We got in yesterday morning and I have to say, hands down the easiest flight I can remember. I have a strong dislike of flying, because I seem to be cursed with bad weather, turbulence, delays, etc. This was the first time we flew since our honeymoon fiasco when we flew through a storm. I thought I was going to die, people were puking, we circled the Denver airport for half an hour because we couldn't safely land, ran out of gas so we had to stop at Colorado Springs, refueled and headed back to Denver, but of course we missed our connecting flight home and were stranded until the next morning. FLYING CAN BE STUPID. So I was a little leery of flying again. HOWEVER, this nonsense was so great. The Austin airport was a dream. We basically skipped through security to find our gate directly in front of us. They have breakfast tacos at the airport (oh, Austin, I love you). Our flight was only two thirds full so Brendon and I had a whole row to ourselves (WHEN DOES THAT HAPPEN?!). Our flight attendant was beyond hilarious and so so sweet; on our way out he told us we were a beautiful couple and should get married. I saw mountains out the window! And we landed in LAX early. The whole thing was easy as pie and has slightly redeemed flying for me. Thank you Southwest. And Austin. And that awesome flight attendant.

Anyway, so in California we were! Staying right across from Disneyland! Like you can see it and hear it and fireworks woke me up last night. But the catch is, we aren't going to Disneyland until Wednesday. It's Sunday. I have to wait three more days, while it sits in front of me. But the good news is, Downtown Disney is open to the public! As are the Disney hotels! So last night we explored the little Disney we could get our hands on.

Muchos kudos to this adorable husband of mine, who unfortunately caught a cold the day before we left. I mean, are you kidding?? That's how life works isn't it? He's been tougher than tough and is knocking out three interviews today while probably feeling like ass. That boy is my hero. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I do not catch whatever he has. Because I am not as tough. And knowing my luck I will catch it and it will be the day we go to Disneyland. IMMUNE SYSTEM, DO NOT FAIL ME.

We snuck around the Disneyland Hotel last night, which is super retro, but very cute. Look at that font! And believe it or not people were swimming! In December! California, man.

Downtown Disney and Hotels will have to hold me over until Wednesday. And until then I am faced with an insane amount of free time. This is not something I am used to. (Wonder why I never blog any more? Free time basically does not exist for me!) Brendon is busy with interviews and pharmacy things for the next few days, which leaves me just chillin'. Which is a good thing, but something of a challenge. I have a hard time relaxing. I feel like I should be doing something. I feel guilty about, literally, laying around the hotel room all day. I've logged onto our system at work quite a few times, not going to lie. But don't get me wrong. I will adjust. I will enjoy this and I will relax! Now... off for a run in this stupid lovely California sunshine. ;)

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