Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas marathon 2014

As has become tradition since we moved to Austin, Christmas is a sort of marathon for us. We do Christmas Eve with my mother-in-law Deb and little bro-in-law AJ, then Christmas morning with my my mom and sister, then Christmas afternoon with my dad, step-momma Lynne, and step-bro Jason, and THEN we come back to Austin and do a little Hogan Christmas with just me, Brendon, and the cats. It's always a lot, but it's always fun and always worth it. 

This year, I was sick. Bonus. I got a cold on Christmas Eve's Eve and am still getting rid of the remnants. Even though I felt a little rotten and feverish, it was still a wonderful Christmas. Thanks to my sweet family and cold meds. Lots of cold meds. 

So here it is. The Christmas marathon with all the photos. Lots of them. All in one post because I've got to work today!

On Christmas Eve Deb and AJ came over to my moms house for presents and fun times! Deb brought us all kinds of drinks, Mr. Hogan was happy!

My mom made the biggest totally vegetarian feast, it was very awesome. And delish. Two kinds of enchiladas, veggie chili, rice, and of course, tons of queso! My momma is the best cook.

Coolest hats ever? Deb got the boys little minion hats! They're so cute!

My mom won this round. Table ping pong, coolest thing ever.

Deb's traditional Christmas Eve PJ's! They were perfect! Why can't we wear PJ's all day long, they're so comfy!

We wrapped up the night by watching Elf, my favorite! We were all cuddled up on the couches together, it was lovely. Especially for someone who has a fever. (SORRY IF I GOT EVERYONE SICK.)

The next day Julie's boyfriend Casey came over and thus began Christmas morning! And Christmas morning means breakfast taco feast. Every year. My mom always kills it with the breakfast game, and this year was no exception.

I am generally, a friend of all cats. However, this little cat is not a huge fan of me. Like at all! Moments after this photo was taken she ran away.

After opening  presents, stuffing our faces, and playing a few rounds of Scattegories (ahem, which I won), we headed over to my dads house for round 3. Christmas at my dad's is always full of shenanigans, and animals!

This turkey is abnormally old and in his old age he's become a man hater. He hates men! He kept running at Brendon, trying to get the best of him. Pet turkeys are funny!

The cream colored 20+ year old joke sweatshirt reappeared. Brendon was gifted it again! This time with an addition of tons of cat hair.

Also, the spam made another appearance this year.

Truly how I felt.

After dinner at my dads, we headed back up to Austin. Christmas at home is the calm after the storm. Even though it is kind of crazy to come all the way home and then open presents, I love it. We get quiet time together, and the cats are there! Highlights included, a home brewing kit for Brendon and a Lego Millennium Falcon for me! And Elf on the Shelf!

By the end, as always, we crawl into bed worn out but so happy. This Christmas was so lovely. It's the saddest when it's over, but thankfully the year always seems to fly by, so before we know it we'll be celebrating again! Big kudos to my amazing family for knocking it all out of the park, as you always do. Seeing all you guys is what makes Christmas so magical. 

I hope you all had a fantastic holiday and the real world doesn't call you back too quickly! 

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