Friday, December 19, 2014

On pianos.

My cousin and I "playing" my grandparent's piano. I'm the one dressed like Beetlejuice with beads.

I have this thing. This obsessive thing. Where I get an idea in my head and it just won't go away. It's usually about making something happen. Like going to a certain place, eating a certain thing, learning a certain skill, obtaining a certain object. Sometimes it's no biggie. I just think and dream about whatever it is that is occupying my thoughts. Sometimes I completely forget about it and move on with my life. Sometimes I work on it gradually and it pans out eventually. Sometimes it spirals out of control and I HAVE to make it happen. These are the crazy times. Oddly enough I was talking to my sewing ladies about this the other day. Sometimes, not often, but sometimes. I HAVE to make whatever it is I want happen. Usually you guys, it's something super stupid and insane. Like a purse. Or a motorcycle (yes, that's how that happened). I will go to whatever lengths (obviously within my means) to make that little dream come true.

Today we are not talking about that scary sort of absolutely-have-to-make-it-happen-determination, but just of the normal obsession. I've been obsessing for years about obtaining piano. I don't really even play you guys, I just need one. My sister and I got a keyboard for Christmas when I was like 12? And I immediately claimed it and obsessively taught myself how to play. Mostly just the treble clef because that's the kind of sheet music I could read. But a little of the bass too. I could play most of Pachebel's Canon with both hands. I obsessed over that too. I loved loved loved that song and was determined to play it. I spent hours and hours learning the keys and notes and line by line I taught myself how to play the piano with that song. Which was cool because then I could play other songs too. At least with my right hand. My grandma had this lovely piano book of songs from the Sound of Music (it's been a lifelong love, y'all) that I inherited (possibly swiped?) and viola, I could now play music from it!

I couldn't tell you if I still remember how to play, but I really really want need a piano. Not a new fancy one, just a piano. Made of wood with keys that plink. And maybe a little bench. I've looked on Craig's List and you can find some and for a good deal too, but unfortunately we have no where to put it. AND we live in an apartment with the thinnest of walls and ceilings and I refuse to be that neighbor. Although some of my neighbors more than deserve it. But one day, when we have space and a home that's maybe not rented and attached to other homes, I will own one. And I will relearn how to play and maybe even splurge for legit lessons. Because I want to annoy the heck out of Mr. Hogan with my misplunked keys over and over. Because a home full of music is a happy home. And because my grandparents had a piano and when I was little I thought it was the most magical thing. And if any thing you guys, I'm all about magic.

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