Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Motorcycle madness

Well y'all, we bought a motorcycle. For me. And it's damn sexy.

Meet the newest member of our family, yet to be named (any ideas? At the moment we're calling it the Bicycle, because we're extra clever and funny).

My commute to work is slightly ridiculous, 25 miles each way with lots of hills, and it is killing the Xterra. Since I began doing this drive daily, my AC has died, my radiator cracked, and the poor odometer is seeing way too many numbers. Not to mention the obscene amount of money spent on gas. So about a month or so ago, I decided to throw the idea of getting a motorcycle out there. They're fairly cheap, get amazing mpg, and fun. Both my husband and my boss immediately said, "you'll kill yourself" (which seems to be most peoples reaction, THANKS A BUNCH). But after some consideration, and my stubbornness, I stuck with the idea. Brendon got on board and we started doing some research.

PAUSE: I must mention how wonderfully supportive my husband has been. He has wanted a motorcycle forever (as all boys do) and I have to give him ridiculous props for not being a green eyed monster and being behind me the whole time with this. He has more faith in me than I do in myself. I can't wait until he gets a bike too and we can ride together!

SO, I signed up for the three day motorcycle safety class and figured I'd test it out and see if I liked it. And I did. Really, I don't think anyone drives a motorcycle and doesn't like it. So I got my license and we started shopping for a bike. Originally I wanted a regular style motorcycle. Not a Harley by any means, but just a plain and simple bike, which is what I learned to ride in the class. BUT, the first time I got on a sports bike I immediately changed my mind, it felt loads more natural. Instead of your feet being in front of you, like sitting in a recliner, they are under you, like riding a bicycle. I'm pretty tall and have some decently long legs, so sitting upright was more comfortable. I felt like I had more control. And they are lighter and easier to handle, for me anyway.

Thus began the great bike search. Little sports bikes are apparently a hot commodity these days. We were in the market for a 250cc Kawasaki Ninja. Apparently so was everyone else. We were obviously going the used route, because duh, it's cheaper and I'm not an experienced rider who needs anything fancy and new. These babies are hard to find (from a reputable source) and they sell super fast. We ended up finding ours from this super nice little dealer in Round Rock who had like, a ton. It was like a motorcycle ranch, out in this field. Pretty neat. I saw mine and it was love at first sight. We got a great deal and it's is in excellent shape; it's a 2009 with only 1,100 miles on it! And it's all black so that's cool too. It's beautiful.

I haven't driven it to work yet, and will probably give myself some time since that's a long drive and I'm still getting used to everything. Driving a motorcycle is completely different than a car. Lots of new habits to form. But damn y'all, it is so fun. I took it to get gas this morning and was basically laughing the whole way. SO MUCH FUN.

And for all the "OMG YOU'LL DIE"-ers out there, I have the safest helmet ever and a basically armored jacket and gloves. I feel like I should be jousting. And yes, motorcycle accidents happen, but I drive like an old lady compared to the majority of bikers (and drivers in general) out there, so I figure my odds are a little better. And BONUS, it gets about 65+ mpg. SIXTY-FIVE MILES PER GALLON. The Xterra gets like 15.

ALSO, to all you nay-sayers and negative nancies, you just make me want to drive this bad boy more. Every time someone said I couldn't or shouldn't do it, I became more positive and determined that I could and would. So thanks for the support motivation y'all. :)


  1. I love this post. I want a motorcycle but I'm too much of a sissy.

    I would be a "weekend rider", not a "bumper to bump in DC traffic even if I'm driving 25 miles a day" driver (don't worry I drive a small car that gets 30-40mpg!). Kudos to you and screw everyone else! You just inspired me! Someday I will do it :)


    1. I live in the city but work out in the hill country. I will definitely not be driving my bike in the hustle and bustle of the city, just to get out of it, haha. Too many crazies, plus driving a motorcycle in traffic is just silly. The exhaust alone, bleh!

      And girl, I am a sissy too! Sissies unite! My moto is fake it 'til you make it. There are times when I'm like "omg, omg, what the hell am I doing?!", but then in the end I'm just fine and it's all worth it! It's not always easy, but I'm a firm believer that you can do whatever you put your mind to! :)

  2. I'm not a nay-sayer, negative nancy, and I'm not gonna say OMG YOU'LL DIE... I will admit my first reaction when I saw the photo was NOOOOOO! I know you're a small gal, and a careful person who makes good decisions... but I will worry. That's all. <3

    1. I think a lot of people had that initial reaction, Brendon included! My dad thought I was joking when I told him I got a bike. Took it hours for him to actually believe me. And I appreciate the worrying. :) I worry about myself on that crazy thing! However, worrying gets you nowhere and I'm trying to get to work, on the cheap! ;) Aaaand it's pretty much the smallest street legal bike they make and like I said, I'm basically riding around in armor. Uncomfortable, very ugly but safe armor, haha.