Monday, September 24, 2012


I missed the first day of fall. It was Saturday and it blew by without any recognition from yours truly. Not that it really feels like fall. We've still been hitting the 90's, which is a lot of fun in a car that has working ac about half the time. But regardless, the first day of fall doesn't usually slip by me, as it is the official start to my favorite time of the year.

The past week has been a hectic whirlwind and most of it hasn't been much fun. Nothing went according to plan and I am tired and frustrated. I haven't seen Brendon for more than an hour or so in a few days. It's full on pharmacy school mode over here, which always sucks. I thought I would be tougher this time around, but it's still so hard. I miss my husband. Pharmacy school plus conflicting schedules equals no bueno. I've been a grumpy baby lately and I feel terrible about it. That is the worst way to handle things but I just want to stomp and pout and get what I want already. Because I'm obviously five years old.

BUT (silver lining, y'all) it is fall now. The best time of the year. Soon we'll be putting up Halloween decor, carving pumpkins, and baking loaves of banana bread (because it makes your house smell better than the fanciest fall scented candle). This week was just a rough week and all will be well soon enough. It is Monday after all, and this coming week will be better. I promise.

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