Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy Birthday AJ!

This weekend we celebrated this little, although becoming very big, guy's eleventh birthday down in New Braunfels. So strange, AJ was a wee three-year-old when I first met him! Soon he'll be taller than me!

We partied it up at Peter Piper Pizza, a venue I haven't been in since I was AJ's age. There was pizza, games, and about 300 kids, and we had a good time! Plus these lovely ladies came by to celebrate:

 Can you tell we're related? I think it's the awkwardness that gives my sister and I away.

That kid has loved SpongeBob for seriously, his entire life. SquarePants is like a part of the family.

We played lots of games, some people better than others. I was pretty terrible at everything.

I had heard if you scream at the games, your likelihood of winning goes up. Didn't work for me. Brendon, of course, won 100 tickets on his first try, without screaming.

This game was called "Pull My Finger", and yes, it did exactly what you think when you pulled it.

 Brendon had an unfair advantage of about 4 feet on these kids.

Saturday evening we got to watch AJ play his first game of the fall ball season! His team won! These kids were pretty good. We need to recruit some of them for our softball team. It was really awesome to see him play and a great way to wrap up our visit. Family time is good time!

And can we talk for a second about how great the weather was Saturday? It felt like fall! Almost cool enough in the morning and evening for a sweater. Hallelujah, my favorite season is arriving!! So many good things to look forward too!

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