Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hamilton Pool

It must be noted by all, that I am currently blogging about something other than food. Although on this day I did also bake some cookies.

After living in Austin for over a year, we finally ventured out into the hill country and visited Hamilton Pool. It's on those "Must do in Austin" lists and everyone always raves about it. And it was pretty cool! It's a long way out from the city, which I enjoyed. The drive there is beautiful, as it almost always is when you're driving in the hill country. We were a little disappointed in the water level (the waterfall was reduced to a trickle) but we should have known better because, duh it's summer in Texas. We've gotten significantly more rain this summer than last, but we are still in a big ol' drought. It was beautiful regardless, and the water felt great. I'm usually a baby when it comes to water, but I loved this little swimming hole!

That little low area in the ridge is where the waterfall usually is.

It was extra warm out that day, which is good because that water is chilly! Brendon said he felt like his hair was melting off, hence the towel getup. This place is not huge. It's pretty tiny actually. You kind of have to just claim your little towel space on the beach area. There were lots of people there, so we were right in the thick of it all. Not as bad as I thought, but it's definitely not a place to chill in the sun in peace.

Handsome husband of mine.

Everything was so green under the falls area (and everywhere really). So much life! After we got our fill of swimming in the pool, we hiked down a little trail to the Pedernales river. We went to Pedernales Falls state park last summer, and the river was basically nonexistent, so it was cool to see it (although a completely different portion, miles upstream) with some water in it!

It was a good day for green apparently.

If you're looking for a quieter place to hang out, this is it. We hiked over there just before the park closed and had the whole river to ourselves. It was so serene and the water was the perfect temperature. I could have stayed there for hours. Unfortunately a park ranger kicked us out.

It was a pretty cool little place. I highly recommend going (perhaps after a good bout of rain). There are so many beautiful places like this around Austin, we are so fortunate to live so close to it all. One more place that the Hogan's have explored!


  1. I lived in Austin for three years and never experienced Hamilton Pool :/ I need to go back and explore. It looks like so much fun!

    1. It is definitely worth the trip! Although like I said, I'd wait until it's rained a bit more so you get to see the waterfall. We googled pictures of what it normally looks like, and it is beeeauutiful!