Thursday, August 30, 2012

Steak and Summer

Broiled stuffed flank steak and zucchini with a lemon yogurt sauce. Dinner has been fancy at the Hogans' lately.

I swear I don't just eat all the time, contrary to what my blog lately would lead one to believe. I guess because I've had so little free time, and we have to eat, I've been throwing all my creative efforts into cooking. I have to let it out somehow. The result is, we've been eating like royalty. We've made some damn good food lately.

This latest culinary expedition was SO GOOD. Like fancy restaurant good. This is really the first time we had broiled anything, and we totally set the smoke alarm off while broiling the steak. I'm pretty sure I saw some of the kitchen twine give off a tiny burst of flame at one point. But smokey apartment aside, it was delicious and the steak cooked perfectly. We broiled the zucchini as well. I was seriously amazed at how well broiling cooked everything and how fast it was. Fast is good in my book, less time on your feet.

So in other news, concerning my life outside of the kitchen, summer is basically over for the Hogans. Brendon's first day back to pharmacy school was yesterday. Whomp, whomp, whomp. But, what a wonderful summer we had! Possibly my favorite summer in my young life so far. We more than made up for the lameness that was the summer of 2011. And though I am a little bummed about Brendon being back in school, fall is such a wonderful time of the year it doesn't seem so bad. The weather is cooling down already and I have visions of pumpkins and holiday goodness in my head. Fall brings so many good things, even the big dark cloud that is pharmacy school can't bring me down! Though I may be singing a different tune once school steals my husband away for real. It's still the first week so we aren't in full out pharmacy mode yet. I have high hopes though. This is our second year so we're more prepared, older and wiser (HA)! One more semester down and then it will be like summer time all the time! Just work and play. What a relief it will be to not have school in our lives for the first time, ever

But in the mean time, I'm trying to enjoy these days. Enjoy Brendon's first days of school, hanging out with our phriends (see what I did there?), pretending I'm a UT student and lurking around campus. As stressful as these times may be, I'm sure we'll look back on them with fond memories. Plus, I've taken to thinking of the UT College of Pharmacy as the UT School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (with a focus on potions) and obviously that makes it a hell of a lot cooler and more bearable. I did marry a Harry Potter look alike after all.


  1. Can I come eat at your house?

    Don't feel bad though. I set off all the smoke alarms in my 3 story townhouse broiling a steak. I hate smoke alarms.

    I completely understand what you mean by having no free time and putting it all into cooking. I did that last year and now all my free time goes to my design business. Luckily Ziploc invented steambags. LIFESAVERS.

    Adore your blog :)


    1. I feel like setting the smoke alarm is a sign of how serious you are in the kitchen, haha. They're so finicky anyway!

      LOVE your blog and your designs! You've got skills girl! :)