Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pyrex family

When we first moved to Austin, I started collecting Pyrex. Growing up we had some really pretty pieces that we used all the time (and my mom still does), and now that I was all grown up (joke, obviously) I needed my own! Luckily Austin is full of thrift stores, which is the best (cheapest) place to buy Pyrex. We live super close to a bunch, one is seriously within walking distance and we visit almost weekly. There's not always Pyrex (mostly there's junk, dirty junk, and more junk), but when we find some it's always so exciting. It's like adding a new little member to our growing Pyrex family! And the best part is that we use a lot of it all the time!

Serving bowls, casseroles of all sizes (look at that tiny pink one! It's my favorite, so cute!), mixing bowls, cups, and little plates, all with the cutest little patterns. Most of them are in great shape too! Pyrex is so tough. For instance, while I was getting this nonsense together for a picture I dropped that big red casserole on the ground and I screamed and it just bounced (although it was on the carpet). This stuff is decades old, but it all still serves and bakes like champions! I think the green guy in the middle is probably in the worst condition, but who cares! There is always love for Pyrex in my home!

On our latest thrifting expedition, we found three saucers that had a pattern that matched some Pyrex cups I had perfectly, but there was no Pyrex logo on the bottom. It felt a little light for Pyrex, but I bought them anyway because they were like a dollar something and I couldn't pass up the matching pattern. After a little research I found out that they are actually "Corelle" plates from the 70's-80's that Pyrex made matching "compatible" items (such as cups) to go with. So not quite Pyrex but close enough! I saw a set of dinner plates that with a suspiciously Pyrex-eqsue pattern around the rim but no stamp on the bottom, I bet that's what they were! Shoulda bought 'em.

It probably bores the whole world but I love these little guys! They make me happy. And my food looks so much better sitting in them.

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