Thursday, August 16, 2012

Recent summer life...

... has been full of fun things! Fun with friends, family, and lots of time in the sunshine. I feel like we're trying to squeeze every last drop of summer-fun out summer while we can. Our swimsuits are getting plenty of use lately!

Over the weekend we ventured down to New Braunfels to hang out with my parents. We relaxed by my dad's pool and played some Brooks-Badminton and then that evening hung out with my momma and had a feast of home cooked deliciousness. It had been soooo long since we'd had the chance to get down to NB to see family, it was good to be home!

We spent yesterday with Brendon's momma and his little brother at good old Schlitterbahn. We had a blast! It had been years since we had been and it was neat to see what's changed and what hasn't. I used to spend many summers there growing up, but have only been a few times in my "adult" (and I use that term loosely) years. It's still so fun! Especially with Brendon's brother AJ, he brought out the kids in us! And the engineering behind all that nonsense they have there blows my mind. They sure do know how to to work their water. And somehow all day I managed to not get sunburned! Must have been that spf 70, gotta protect my paleness.

Last night the weather was phenomenal. Actually all day it was pretty dang great, considering the extreme heat that Texas has been giving us lately. There was an awesome cool breeze floating around, I think it was our first little taste of fall. Goodness I can't wait! My favorite season is almost here! Although I'll be sad to say farewell to my sundresses.. sweaters and cardigans, y'all. Can't wait to wear them.

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