Monday, August 6, 2012


As I'm sure you've gathered (as I have been saying incessantly), life has been busy lately. Mostly because of work. I previously said I've never worked so hard, ever, and that's the truth! The past three weeks have been intense. I've never been so tired. But it was all worth it and I feel very accomplished. I love working hard. Actually I don't know how to do anything else really!

Anyways, throughout all of this, my dear Mr. Hogan has been nothing but absolutely supportive and wonderful (with only very minor whining once or twice ;)). He was there to tell me I was doing a good job and that it was okay for me to be a big whiner. He didn't complain when I was constantly sleepy, when I passed out during every movie we watched and on the shortest car rides to and from dinner (and once at 7:30 in the evening). He told me he missed me and he wished I was home more, but he was never angry or short with me. I could tell he was grumpy (now he knows I how I feel when he's in school!), but he did such wonderful job of keeping his cool. And he did all kinds of dishes, cooked all kinds of meals (!!), and cleaned our little home. I should be crazy busy more often!

I don't know what I'd do without Brendon. He's my rock, my happy place, and my home. He is also hilarious and adorable which doesn't hurt.

Thankfully life has returned to normal this week. We have a few more weeks of summer until pharmacy school steals my husband away again. How is it already that time again? How it is August? June and July where did you go? Come back! I said at the beginning of the summer that I was anxious about this summer since last summer was a rough one, but I had a feeling this one would be better. And goodness has it been! It's been such a wonderful summer. Everything a summer should be, lots of sun, lots of fun! It's a good thing fall is my favorite season, or I'd really not want to let this one go.