Sunday, December 7, 2014

Wassailfest 2014

Thursday evening, after a rather loooong work day, Brendon and I headed to New Braunfels to Wassailfest. This year was the opposite of last year (which was freeeezing), warm and wet. Humid. But not terrible. We got drizzled on a bit, but survived as we are mostly not made of sugar.

Same old song and dance as years in the past, drank a years worth of Wassail and soaked in lots of Christmasy goodness. Although I think we ran into a record number of folks from high school this go round.

Cheesy. After wrapping up our Wassailing, we set upon the task of finding something to eat in New Braunfels, which is a challenge anyway for vegetarians, but more so in this instance as almost everything closes at 9 in that town. Aside from chains. So we ended up at BJ's Brewhouse. Not the biggest fan of that place, but it was okay and meat-free and at that point I would have settled for raiding HEB for snacks. We ordered off the appetizer menu, typical. By the time we got back home I was deliriously sleepy. So sleepy it hurt. This chica does not fair well when she is tired!

Wassailfest over the years. Spoiler alert, the photos all look remarkably similar.

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