Sunday, December 8, 2013

Wassailfest 2013

As seems to be tradition since we moved back down south, we went to Wassailfest down in New Braunfels! (Here's Wassailfest 2011 and 2012) This year my mom, her friend Ray, Brendon, and I were joined by my sister and step bro! The more the merrier! Also, this year it was incredibly cold. I think everyone in middle America is enjoying a rather crazy cold spell at the moment. It's been hanging in the thirties or below for the past few days, which is rather wild for Texas. So we went a Wassailing in the cold, and it was very cold, but not as bad as I thought it would be. The buildings provided shelter from the wind and the endless supply of wassail kept you warm!

We also stopped by this bar called Pour House where a couple of my sisters friends (my sister knows EVERYONE in New Braunfels, seriously) were playing music. They were great! And it was a cute little place and the bar has swings to sit swing on. Coolest idea ever. There were fire pits and heaters to keep you warm outside, it was actually really nice!

Of course, because that is my luck, my camera died part way through Wassailfest. This blurry shot is the only one we got of the two of us. No picture in front of the tree this year, but that's okay! We'll get one next year!

It was a really fun evening full of holiday cheer and good folks. Although life has been crazy lately I'm very glad we were able to squeeze this night in. Last year we did TONS of holiday stuff, and this year I feel like we're just frantically trying to get everything done day to day, much less anything extra. Brendon finishes school this next week and I am very excited about that. Hopefully that will help slow things down a bit. This is my favorite month of the year and it is FLYING by! Slow down December, I love you!

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