Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Holiday photos 2013

This year for our holiday photos, we went ALL OUT. For realsies. Did you know that my favorite Christmas movie is Elf? Well, if you didn't now you do. I LOVE that movie. I feel the same way about Christmas as Buddy, I'm all about it. So when brainstorming ideas for our Christmas card, Elf costumes happened. Not sure if it was Brendon's idea or mine, but they came out better than I could have imagined. They are so fun and I want to wear that Elf dress everyday. And of course, we had to document. All over Austin.

These costumes took forever to make, but mostly because I have been INSANELY busy. I used Simplicity 2542 for Brendon's jacket and our hats, New Look 6110 for his pants, and Simplicity 1913 for my dress. Brendon's jacket took the most work because the pattern was incredibly plain and unfitted and shaped incorrectly. It took a lot of work to make it Buddy the Elf's jacket, but I'm happy with it! My dress was super easy and only took minor altering. They're both made of cheapo felt, which was SO EASY to sew. You never have to finish your edges! And it makes a pretty warm get-up.

We definitely got plenty of looks and comments and people taking our photo, with and without asking. It was REALLY FUN! There's a preschool next to the Hey Cupcake and of course all the kids were outside when we stopped by. They were losing their cool and it was the cutest.

Aaaand we finally found the Austin postcard mural! We have been driving past it all the time and never knew. It was recently (as in less than a month ago) revamped, so it was super bright and pretty! And definitely on a relatively busy corner. I was so scared our tripod was going to get hit by a car.

And here's the Christmas card winner:

Probably looks familiar if you're on our extra exclusive Christmas card list. Kidding. Actually, I lost my Christmas card address list in the great computer crash fiasco, so we kind of had to start from scratch. So sorry if we missed you! Technology always gets the best of me.

I'm not sure how we'll top these pictures next year. This was so fun. SO FUN. And I'm so glad Brendon was more than game for sporting Elf costumes all around Austin and having ridiculous holiday fun in public with me. He's my favorite.

Holiday photos 2012 and 2011. We've come a long way.

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