Friday, December 21, 2012

Holiday photos 2012

Since our holiday cards are all mailed out, this wont be too much of a spoiler. Because I KNOW you were hankering to hear about our holiday card photos. Because it's riveting stuff and it features our faces, I know you haven't seen enough of them.

Last year we somehow rigged up our camera on a stack of books and took some terribly lit photos in front of our tree. This was our end product:

Look at us! We look so young even though it was just a year ago. And look how tiny that tree is compared to our giant tree this year! But man, I love that dress. It's gotten some good use this year.

We slightly upgraded this year with our holiday photo. We are now owners of a tripod and ventured out to auditorium shores to take some pictures in front of the Austin skyline, while a family and a couple of giggling teenage girls watched. We've created a little tradition, we took the pictures last year on our 6 year little anniversary, and this year we took them on our 7th!

Brendon was a great sport, he stayed perfectly still so I could jump in after pressing the shutter button. I literally had to jump over a bench every time. In a dress. I'm sure our audience was amused. One day we'll get one of those shutter remotes.

ALSO, notice Brendon looks slightly different? He lost something like 30+(!) pounds between the picture last year and now. He's insane. He works out every single day, he's on what I like to call the "Christian Gray workout plan". Ridiculous, but it's paid off and my husband is sexier than ever. I just need to hop onto that workout plan as well and we'll be set.

We may have had a little too much fun with the test shots.

The sun was a little brutal so we decided to keep our shades on because they matched our outfits and we're cool, hip, young Austinites, obviously. This next picture was the winner:

And we took this one to make you (and the weirdos watching us) puke:

It was a lot of fun and seriously took a whole 5 minutes and like maybe 10 shots. BOOM 2012 holiday picture, done.

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