Sunday, December 2, 2012

Tree lighting

I don't know what kind of bubble we were living in last year around Christmas, but we sure were unaware of a whole lot of festivities that go down in Austin for the holidays. I think it's probably because we were broke broke broke and just plain beat from Brendon's first semester of pharmacy school. Needless to say, we are in a better place this year (not that last year wasn't good!), and have discovered all kinds of fun things to do here in our big little city to get into the holiday spirit. As if I needed any help.

Last night we scooted downtown after Brendon got off work (we made it downtown in traffic and found parking in like a record breaking 15 minutes, go us) to see the capital tree lighting. Apparently there was a sing-a-long, but we missed that. We showed up just after they lit the tree I think, and there were like a gazillion people there. Austin has all sorts of fun things to do, but there are always just way too many people and I am not a fan of crowds. Regardless, since we showed up slightly late, people started clearing out and we had a good time checking out the lights and hanging out by (and in) the capital.

SEA OF PEOPLE, y'all. I'm not really a big fan of trees shaped like upside down ice cream cones, I'm more into those that look like trees, but this one was still cute and pretty to look at. They had the lights on the tree synced up with the music so that was entertaining.

It was REAL warm out, because Texas is skipping winter this year, so we popped into the capital to escape the humidity and ridiculous amount of people, dogs, and children flailing about.

I've been in the capital countless times, but I'll never get used to it. It's so grand! And so... old fashioned. I love all the little architectural details. They don't build things like this any more.

After chilling out in the AC for a bit we headed back out and luckily most of the crowd had dispersed!

This is what you look like when Brendon gets a hold of the camera (kidding babe! but really..), SUPER FLASH! Kristy, I give the outfit credit to you. That shirt little bow shirt IS extra cute with a fitted skirt! Ignore the overkill frumpy cardigan that I (Brendon) carried more than wore.

They had all kinds of light vehicles/sculptures. There was a big ol' snake, a bat, a butterfly, a dragonfly, and a sleigh with reindeer. And they all are made to be peddled (this one by lots of people) so they move! Pretty neat! We didn't get to see the snake in action (it was so big there was no where for it to go!), but it looked like it had tons of potential. And was pretty cool just sitting there. The eyes were from traffic lights!

Tree lighting shindig, I give you a thumbs up. I had a lot of fun, once the crowd died down. Very Austiny and very Christmasy. Although I still prefer small town events. I'm looking forward to Wassailfest in New Braunfels this Thursday! Be there or be square! A'wassailing we'll go!


  1. you should check out the Trail of Lights in Zilker Park too! Or run through them - there used to be a (nighttime) 5K through the Trail of Lights - not sure if they still have that race.

    I hope you are both doing well!


    1. The Trail of Lights is definitely on our "holiday bucket list" this year! I drove by the other day when they were setting everything up and it looks amazing. I really want to do that 5k but I think Brendon has to work, booo. I'm trying to sneak him out of working, but we're running (pun not intended!) out of time. Running through the lights would be so fun though, if not this year, next year for sure.

      Miss you guys and hope you are doing well too! Getting lots of running in? The weather has been great lately! Actually pretty hot in the afternoons, haha.