Monday, December 3, 2012


Today marks the seventh anniversary of my husband tricking me into dating him. And thank goodness he did, because it's been seven years of awesome. Let's rewind. Shield your brain because this is smooshy-ooshy-gooshy.

I have grown up with Brendon and that is weird because I'd say that 95% of the time that doesn't work out for people. I married my high school sweetheart (CLICHE!?), that seems to almost never pan out well. In fact I have always rolled my eyes at teenage love because really, you don't know up from down when you're a teenager. I mean, I didn't. Brendon and I started dating when we were 17. And I didn't want to be in a relationship. I knew I was moving the hell out of dodge (aka, to Denton) and I didn't need anything tying me down. But Brendon had other plans. He conned me into dating him, with some sort of corny line about living in the moment like, "you could get hit by an 18 wheeler tomorrow". And even though I didn't want to I fell for the kid. Big time! And I did not want to admit it to myself. Brendon and I fought and "broke up" a whole bunch of times through our first couple years of college, because I had "commitment issues" (SO LAME). But I also couldn't bear being away from him. It was rough days for us two (and I mean "rough", because mostly it was laughing and being silly and being young). Lots of, "I think we should take a break omg don't leave why are you leaving???". Shoot me in the face, I know. Why I am I typing this out for all the internet to read? Obviously, I was an idiotic young adult.

But Brendon stuck around and put up with my crap (THANK GOD) because sometimes he's a wiser human than I. And then we hit this weird point where we both had our own apartments but he stayed at my place constantly and was basically paying rent for storage, and after a year I think he kind of gave me a choice, we're either moving in together or it's done. And it was like something just fell into place in my head and I was like, oh okay, this is it. Nothing is worth losing this. So we moved in together and then I was like dang, this is great and easy and so much fun. I loved it and I was happier than I'd ever been. I had finally admitted to myself what I knew all along, that this was it, for ever and ever. Me and Brendon. And the cats too.

Fast forward through college, a wedding, a big move, and lots of adventures and here we are, happier than ever. Seven years down the road from two crazy teenagers, we are happily married high school sweethearts. I think honestly we just lucked out. I think often when you grow up, you change, and you find that you're not the same and no longer love or want the same things. However, we just so happen to have changed into people that are still crazy about each other. And we are no where near done growing up, that's for sure. I'm so excited to keep growing with Brendon. I have loved watching him evolve into the man he is today. And I love him more today than I've ever loved him. It's weird, and disgustingly corny, but I feel like I am constantly falling for this ridiculous boy. He does things everyday that catch me off guard and I'm like damnit, I have a crush on this kid. How can you feel like this after seven years? I hope it never stops. Because it's great. And wonderful. And being in love is the best.

So here's to seven years of love. To seven years of life with the most interesting man in the world (to me). Seven isn't nearly enough. I plan on spending many many more laughing, living, and loving with my husband. Happy anniversary of togetherness, Brendon. Thanks for being patient with me and always knowing that you and I were matching pieces. I'm sorry I was a slow on the uptake, but I'll spend forever making it up to you. I loved you then, I love you now, and I'll love you always.

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