Monday, December 31, 2012

Alamo Bowlin'

Saturday we went to the Alamo Bowl with my daddio and step-mom to watch the Texas Longhorns play the Oregon State Beavers. Spoiler alert, we left after halftime. Spoiler alert number two, the most exciting quarter was the last one and the Longhorns won.

Brendon and I aren't really into sports. We'll go to some baseball games every now and then but that's really the extent of it. And even though Brendon goes to UT, I wouldn't say we "bleed burnt orange". I mean, I have zero school spirit and I look awful in orange. We tried real hard to get into this game but it didn't happen. We had fun wandering around the tailgates before the game and the marching bands were cool (inner band nerd!), but when my dad asked if we were ready to roll after halftime to get some grub we said, hell yeah. Honestly, we were mostly just tired. I'm usually in bed around 8:30-9, so this was a wild night for me. Seventy year old woman, I know.

But like I said, we had lots of fun pregaming and overall it was a good time. Just couldn't make it through the whole thing.

I look like I'm twelve. And oh yeah, I got new specs! Used my vision benefits right before the year ended, like a boss.


Strangers are always offering to take our pictures, and they always turn out terrible. Next time I'm telling them, NOPE.

Balloons that, I'm assuming, fell down after the game was over. I would have liked to see that!

Even though we punked out, we had a lot of fun hanging out with my dad and Lynne. Lots of laughing lots of goodness. And it was cool being back at the Alamodome. I hadn't been there in years! Remember when the Spurs played there?? I think the last time I was there was for the state marching band competition my sophomore(?) year of high school. I told y'all I was a nerd. The glasses are super appropriate now, eh?

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