Thursday, December 20, 2012

Trail of Lights

The other evening we ventured over to Zilker Park to check out the Trail of Lights. It was pretty cool. I love Christmas lights, so I was super stoked. The tunnels of lights, especially the entrance, were really awesome.

Thanks random possibly drunk middle aged man for volunteering to quickly snap some blurry shots of us.We look a little startled because he just grabbed the camera, squatted and just started taking pictures. I think he said something along the lines of "the best ones are when you don't know they're coming". Thanks dude.

Creepy nutcracker+husband much?

Look how huge Jesus is! I mean, do the sculptors know about perspective? Baby Jesus was easily the size of a hefty 10 year old. Someone needs to go back to art school. I guess if he was the anatomically correct size, he'd be hard to see, but still. He was huge.


If you stand under this bad boy and spin around, you will puke. Well, you probably wont, but I would. I did it for like two seconds and was done.

Brendon, that flash always gets the best of you. Also, congratulations to me, my sweater is buttoned incorrectly.

I have recently become a bit obsessed with Moonlight towers, which are these tall towers built in the late 1800's to mimic moonlight and basically light cities at night. Austin is the only city in the world to still use them! And this big old tree of lights is centered around one! I think it's so neat that they are still in use.

Overall, the Trail of Lights was... worth it? There is a Trail of Lights 5k that you can run the night before it opens to the public, and that is probably how we'll do it from here on out. We really wanted to run the 5k this year but someone couldn't get out of work (ahem, Brendon). Otherwise there were just a bit too many people there for us. It's cool and all, but I'm not sure I could handle the crowd again.

BUT, if you've never been I highly suggest you go. It's very Austiny and there's food and music and all sorts of holiday fun. And after you've battled through the crowds and made it to the end, you're rewarded with a pretty spectacular view of the Trail of Lights against the skyline.

That view alone is pretty much worth it.

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