Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Monster tree

Internet, meet our tree. The biggest tree we've ever had! We found it at the good old Home Depot, for FIFTEEN DOLLARS. Fifteen, y'all. It was so tall we had to chop off part of the top so it would fit under our ceiling. It is a huge tree. And I love it.

Unfortunately we've always had small trees, so we were a little short when it came to trimming the thing. I had to get a couple more strands of lights, making a whopping six strands total lighting that bad boy up. And we had to beef up our ornament stash a bit. And of course, I spied an opportunity to get crafty and BOOM, Christmas craft night at the Hogan's.

I went to ye olde Lobby of Hobbies and found us a bunch of cheapo plastic "stained glass" and wooden ornaments to paint while we rocked out to some Christmas jams. My happy place.

It's so fun watching Brendon do creative things because he thinks so differently than I do. We are polar opposites when it comes to all that right brain/left brain nonsense, so it was fun to watch him chose colors and paint. And I know he sat through it all just to make me happy. I have a good husband.

Obviously, painting my reindeer that turned into a moose, and looking super stoked about it. After painting our ornaments we added them to the tree so it didn't look so sparse. I love our little collection of ornaments. Most of them are handmade, but we also have some fun ones that were gifts and souvenirs from trips we've taken. The handmade ones are my favorite. They just have so much character! Like Brendon's happy little truck, you can't beat that:


It's so nice to have a tree in your home. Especially when it is gigantic. It smells lovely, it looks lovely, and it makes me feel lovely. And I got to decorate it with little memories with my favorite human.

Nights with Brendon are my favorite. There are not enough of them. And because of that, I'll leave you with a sappy picture to make you puke:

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