Monday, November 12, 2012

Warrior Dash 2012

FIRE! And random people! On Saturday Brendon and I ran the Warrior Dash, and we had a lot of fun! This is the second obstacle course/5k I've run, Brendon and I did the Rebel Race in June. This was the second time Brendon did the Warrior Dash, he ran it before when we lived in Denton.

Compared to the Rebel Race, I think this course was way easier. The Rebel Race was basically a 5k cross country hike/run through ditches and gulleys and real big hills (covered in gravel), while this one was relatively flat. The obstacles were easier, I felt like there were fewer of them, but they were spread out pretty evenly. I am thankful for this because I was in much better shape back in June. When I moved to my new store in July I basically stopped running because I was and am just way too tired (and lazy). I love my job but it wears me out! 

Regardless, I still ran more this time than I thought I would, and we actually started off really strong, passing all the slow folks. BUT, of course, I pulled a muscle in my upper thigh (butt) on the first obstacle. Whomp, whomp, super embarassing. So we had to take a little pit stop for a few minutes. I was so pissed. It kind of screwed us over because it threw us behind a whole pack of slowish people so when we got to new obstacles, we basically had to stop running and wait in line for everyone to get over/around/through them. Not so fun. AND about half way through, while standing around waiting for people to climb up a hill, I got stung by a bee. Because that is my luck. I felt something tickling my back, so of course I went to grab at it and boom, stung on my pointer finger. Hurt like a mother, but luckily we pulled the stinger out pretty quickly, climbed up the hill, and I finished the race just fine.

The Warrior Dash had "cooler" obstacles than the Rebel Race. We got to jump over fire! And the mud was higher quality stuff, it smelled much less like animal feces and more just like mud. But instead of a shower station to rinse off, they just have these big water trucks that spray down a mass of people. Not very efficient. We were still really muddy when we got home.

Now pictures! These are all via my iPhone (cinco! It actually takes pretty dang good pictures!) because I was not trying to bring my good camera out there to get all muddy.

Pre-race! We were a little on the sleepy side. It was also really windy and a little cold!

Post race! There are no muddy pictures because we rinsed off before we dared to touch our belongings.

Muddy evidence left on the bottom of my pants.

We got big ol' medals, warrior hats, t-shirts, and free shades from Nissan! My sunglasses match my car now, y'all!

The best part of these things are the people who show up to them. Everyone is so fun! There was a stage with a DJ (I think a band was going to play later in the afternoon) and everyone was dancing!

See those people on the right? That's what everyone looked like after the race. MUDDY.

Of course they played Gangnam Style and we danced our butts off. Brendon was rockin' it.

We had a whole lot of fun. We were a little reluctant on our way out there because we have both been going nonstop for weeks and are hella tired these days, but it was so worth it. It's so much fun. If you have a chance, sign up for one of these things. You don't have to be in good shape (I'm proof!), just do it. It's a blast, I promise you'll love it. And if you have a choice between obstacle courses I highly recommend the Warrior Dash. Although it was pretty dang crowded and a bit easier than the Rebel Race, it was way more organized. A much better "event" in my opinion.

Just don't get stung by a bee and end up with a fat sausage finger for a few days. Because it's no fun. And not cute.

Although it doesn't really hurt, it burns, tingles, and itches like a mother. Bee's are stupid.

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