Saturday, November 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Lynne!

Happy Birthday to my super cute step-mom Lynne! She just turned 1, obviously. We're so glad you were born, I don't know what my daddio would do without you. You're the best step-momma ever! My dad once again (the symmetry between that post and this post is uncanny), baked a cake. He skills are becoming unmatched these days. I lucked out, it was my favorite kind, yellow with chocolate icing. Bonus!

We ate at the Tea Room in New Braunfels, it's a super cute little place in an old house (like everything in Gruene) decorated with all kinds of tea pots and tea cups. And a random deer head my dad's friend donated to the decor? My dad knows everyone. We used to go there all the time for birthdays and such when I was younger, it was fun to go back! We had a good time talking and laughing and catching up. Life has been so nutzo lately I haven't gotten to see my family nearly as much as I'd like. It was good to see these folks. Family time is good time.

I jumped at the chance of seeing the world outside of work and dressed a little fancy.

This is what you look like when you're sick and trying real hard to pretend you're not. You can't really see what that dress looks like at all and I've never blogged about it, but I made it (surprise) and it's probably my favorite and most worn thing I've made so far. It's just a plain fitted navy dress made of some sort of stretch cotton-poly fabric, it probably cost like $8 to make. And that extra cute scarf was a thrift store find, 99 cents, y'all!

Always the ham. Brendon has to dress up a lot for school (professional schools, y'all, they're fancy!) so he dresses better than me 90% of the week. What kind of bs is that?

We also got to see my siblings! Jules and my stepbro Jason. Sorry for the creeper shot Jason, I blame it on Brendon's excellent photography. See that random deer head? 

And our gift to Lynne, the best gift of the night (ahem) next to the fishing reel that fell apart from my dad, a board game called Donkey Racing (or the "Ass Game" as my dad named it). The back says something about having fun while learning the "antics of the donkeys". It looks riveting. We're playing it on Christmas.

And keeping with tradition, here's the weird ass photo of the bunch:

Creeper much? I'm embarrassed that I was actually sitting like that in real life. You can see the crazy in my eyes, that's fosho! After Brendon took the picture, he said aloud at the table, "ooo, that's sensual". Sheesh. At least my hair looks good.

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