Thursday, November 1, 2012

Birthday time for Kristy!

On Tuesday it was my best friends birthday. This was pretty awesome because not only is it a day celebrating her birth, but I just so happened to be in Dallas do so with her! Hurray for good timing!

To start the day off we went to this place called Jump It Up, which is basically a giant building full of inflatable bounce houses, slides, and obstacle courses. It was free for us and only $7 for Kennedy and we were the only people there. We had the whole place to ourselves. It was pretty awesome. We jumped around like we were 8 and loved it. Although it quickly sapped our energy, as we are not actually 8.

Look at this picture. Pretty awesome right? Let's discuss. Kristy is one of those people who are ridiculously photogenic no matter what their doing. Girlfriend does not take a bad picture. I mean, LOOK AT HER HAIR. Not fair. Also check out Kennedy in the corner. Looks like she is either hating or loving life A LOT.

Now lets look at my attempt to be cute while jumping:

MASSIVE FAIL. Why does my hair not cooperate? Why do I look so foolish? Why did I wear those grandma socks? 

MY HAIR HAS A MIND OF IT'S OWN. And, without further ado, the most ridiculous picture, ever:

Yep. That's pretty rough, eh? So to boost my ego, here's a decent picture of me, to prove I am capable of looking normal:

 After jumping around like kids, that night we had dinner at this little Italian place with her family and it was delicious. I ate a lot of bread.

Tiara for the birthday girl! And this next photo is pretty terrible as far as quality goes, but look how cute Greg and Roxanne are!

Of course there was a homemade card with a creepy ass party cat on the front. That's how I roll.

I hope Kristy had a wonderful birthday. I'm so happy I was here to celebrate with her and I'm so glad she was born 26 years (and a few days) ago! She is my bestest friend and I have had so much fun all week hanging out with her. I seriously dislike that this is not a normal thing. It was like a week of, "hey this is what it would be like if you lived remotely close to your best friend". Not fair.

And thank you, thank you, thank you Kristy, Ryan, Kennedy, and the kitties for being generally awesome, entertaining me all week, and treating me like family. You guys made this trip so much fun. Move to Austin, y'all!

And on that note, I must say that both Brendon and I are both very very lucky when it comes to friends. We have managed to find wonderful friends that not only welcome us into their lives, but into the lives of their families. Is it normal to be friends with your friends' parents and extended family members? If it's not, I don't care because it's great. I love that we have "friend-families". Kristy's family is so kind to us. Ryan's family is the same way! I feel welcomed into my best friend's and her husband's extended family. That's so awesome. And we have other friends with awesome families that spoil us. We won the friendship lotto I guess. Thank you friends for introducing us to your families, and thank you families for welcoming us into your lives when you totally didn't have to. You are all too dang sweet.

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