Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween from Snow White


Surprise y'all, I was Snow White for Halloween! Didn't that blue velvet make a pretty addition to the dress? I think I made a fairly decent Snow. I am pale as heck, dark haired, and can fake red lips like a champ. It has been a good year for Snow White, homegirl had two movies come out this year and is a star in our favorite TV show.

I will probably take better photos of the costume later, since I am stranded in Dallas without my photographer/husband. But here's a quick run down of the sewing deets: I used this Simplicity pattern and only altered it slightly. It was a pretty perfect Snow White pattern as it was and I'm really happy with my version. I lowered the neckline a tad and ditched the suggestions of using cotton/broadcloth for everything. I used a stretch velvet for the bodice and satin for the sleeves. Had to make it fancy! Although that velvet was a bee-otch to sew. It slid and stretched everywhere and it was terrible. I also ditched the cape because, um, no. I'm not trying to wear a cape.

I worked up at the store in Dallas today and in true Coffee Bean style (almost) everyone dressed up! It was a blast! I had so much fun seeing what everyone was dressed up as (and getting text updates from my store in Austin!). Halloween is the best.

Recognize the girl in that big ol' photo on the wall above my head?

Tomorrow is my last day with the Dallas team and although I am very ready to get home to my husband, my home, and my store, I am sad to be leaving! This is a great group and they have been so welcoming. Coffee Bean seriously knows how to pick them, everyone was so nice! 

Me and the extremely awesome Darrius, who is just slightly taller than me. He gave me the best compliment on my costume, he said, "if anyone could have just popped out of that cartoon, it would be you. You are Snow White." So sweet! The second best compliment came from a toddler who screamed from the back seat of a car in drive thru, "THAT'S MY FAVORITE PRINCESS!".

So a huuuuge thanks to the wonderful Dallas team for being so awesome, fun, and making me feel so at home. You guys are going to rock the DFW coffee world. And thanks for making one of my favorite days of the year so much fun y'all! Come visit me in Austin!!


  1. You look gorgeous and TOTALLY pull off snow!
    I love the kid who screamed at you. Awesome :)


    1. Thank you!! :) That kid was SO cool!