Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dirndl 2.0

The Halloween costume is finished! Can't wait to share it with everyone! Next up on the sewing agenda is a new dirndl. Wurstfest is quickly approaching!

One of the best parts about starting a new sewing project is picking out your materials. It always takes me forever because there are a gazillion color/texture/fabric options and I can never chose. For instance, I had in mind navy blue fabric for the dirndl and red for the apron as I went into the fabric store today. Obviously I changed my mind.

I found this leafy grey cotton and dropped the navy I had in my arms at once. I immediately thought of yellow for the apron, and found this really great sheer flower embroidered yellow fabric on clearance. There isn't quite enough (always the challenge with clearance fabric), but I'm going to try to make it work. And then as I was walking to the door I found some adorable salmon rickrack and decided to throw it into the mix as a trim. These colors are much more springy than fall, but oh well. Navy blue is my favorite color to wear and I think I sport it a little too often. It's good to mix it up.

The dress pattern I'm using is different from the traditional pattern I used last year. In fact it's not even a dirndl pattern. But it's close enough and I plan on altering it quite a bit to suit my Bavarian needs. And I remember struggling quite a bit through that last dirndl pattern, and it's half German instructions, and I'm not looking to relive all that. Happy sewing!

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