Saturday, October 27, 2012

Big D

Sorry for my absence! I swear I have not fallen off the face of the earth. I am in Dallas for a week, on my first ever "business trip"! Fun stuff. While not working, I have been enjoying the wonderful company of my favorite Dallas residents, the Chasaks! And I'm getting spoiled since I just saw Kristy and Kennedy a couple weeks ago. This needs to continue to occur frequently!

They've been sooooo nice and have been entertaining me in my off time for the past couple days. Today I accompanied (and documented) them while they ran a 5k at the Hexter Howl Halloween festival. It was a lot of fun, although very cold! I also got to hang out with Kristy's dad Greg and step momma Roxanne, who I think of as family as well and always love to see!

It was just a little chilly.

 Congrats Kristy, you are the next "ridiculously photogenic running girl", so not fair. I'm sure you'll have a meme soon.

Kennedy was not sure about that crazy owl.

Ryan was 2nd in his age group and Kristy was 3rd in hers, while pushing a stroller! I was originally going to try to run it with them but I assumed I would be working during the morning so I left my running gear at home. Whomp, whomp bad idea. But I made an excellent spectator and even walked the kids 1k and received a ribbon. Booya.

Kennedy was hilarious, she was wrapped up like a burrito to stay warm but she really wanted access to her chocolate croissant. So Kristy propped it up by her face. She was a happy camper, but I don't think she ate any. She just wanted to smell it.

After the 5k we headed over to the little festival they were holding at the local school and Kennedy competed in a costume contest! She won it last year, so she was defending her title. She was an extra cute little sailor, and even had her granddaddy's dog tags and a couple of his medals on.

Alas, the baby in the dalmatian costume stole first (cheaters, babies always win) but she rocked the pants off of 2nd place! Which is saying something because that is an extraordinarily cute group of kids.

It was a super fun morning, even if it was a little chilly, and it had me ready to go run! Brendon and I are running an obstacle course again in November, and I need to whoop my butt into shape a little before then. Also, we are probably going to freeze to death.

I am so glad to have so much time with these wonderful people, but I am a little home (husband) sick. We haven't been apart for this long since like... 5+ years ago. It's no bueno being away from Brendon, but I've been keeping busy and time is flying. I've had tons of fun so far and I'm excited to see what the rest of the week brings!

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