Friday, November 16, 2012

Days off

Today, I do not have to work! And today, I have practically zero plans! This has not happened in.... a month? Since before I went to Dallas? Who knows. My days off usually consist of running around like a chicken with it's head cut off, trying to catch up on life. But today, I have oodles of time to do whatever I want. And I have tomorrow off too! With not a plan, errand, or must-do in sight (well, one birthday dinner with family). I am excited. BUT, of course as things always seem to work out for me, I am sick. Some sort of cold+allergy combination of death that has been plaguing me for the past month. When I got home from Dallas I brought with me with a fever and a sore throat. And I still cannot seem to shake it, which probably has something to do with the fact that I am constantly going and going and going nonstop on a small amount of sleep. Life's busy y'all. I can't decide if it's a cold or allergies whooping my butt, but the fever part is really annoying.

So after crashing last night at 8pm and waking up today at 6:30am (coffee shop habits, y'all), I have been chillin' extra hard on my couch. Aaaand possibly watching the Twilight series in preparation for Breaking Dawn Part 2... Hate all you want, I know it's terrible.

I also recently acquired this bad boy:

You know what that means. HELLA FOOD BLOGGING. The culinary genius behind the blog Smitten Kitchen, Deb, has just come out with her first cook book filled with all kinds of amazing recipes with mouthwatering pictures. The desserts alone you guys. Seriously. Deb is coming to Austin to talk about her badass book this month and my friend Tyler and I are going to see her! SO STOKED! I'm pretty sure she and I will be bff's at first sight. And then I can hang in New York City with her in her little kitchen (little kitchen cooks unite!) and we will bake and laugh and eat wonderful things. Creepy blog crush much? Whatever. So today in my lovely free time today I do believe I'll bust out this book and bake me some yummyness. Because the best cure for sickness is dessert. I'm sure I read that somewhere. It's science.

Oh and this is too good not to share:

My new favorite shirt. Yes, that is t-rex, real upset 'cause he stubbed his toe. So good. The Chisty's always come with gifts (they spoil us rotten), and this weekend Brendon and I were showered with adorable and clever t-shirts from Sarah. She worked at Woot, where they have all kinds of deals online (UH, check out today's deal! In the market for a camera??) and where they make all kinds of awesomeness in t-shirt form. The best part is the descriptions of the products. Worth checking out for the laughs alone. So thank you Sarah for my amazing shirt! Not only is it hilarious and cute, but it's hella soft. Bonus.

Now, excuse me while I delve into the feverish world of baking and vampires. It's just me, my couch, and my kitchen for hours. Love it, even with a fever.

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