Saturday, November 3, 2012

Back home

I am back in Austin and life has resumed normality. Dallas was a nice little vacation from daily life but I was very ready to come home. I do miss my fancy rented Camry though, that thing had some get up and go. Plus after driving that car for a week and going back to my big go-cart, I've decided I'm pretty sure my Xterra doesn't have power steering.

Tonight was a refreshingly quiet and routine evening, something that I missed so much in Dallas. Being at home with Brendon is my happy place. Hanging out on the couch, cooking dinner, giggling about silly things when someone should be studying; life is good here at the Hogan home.

Tonight we made pretty legit easy meal, courtesy of Smitten Kitchen. Spaghetti with Broccoli Cream Sauce. It's tasty, y'all. AND you get your veggies in. You could even make it with whole wheat pasta and be extra healthy. We haven't really gotten on board with the whole wheat pasta thing. It's just such so... gritty.

Scenes from the kitchen:

Not much smells better than sauteed butter, onions, and garlic. Okay maybe cookies in the oven.

Look at the mop on this boys head! He had been growing his hair out for his Ace Ventura costume and it has gotten slightly out of control. He needs a hair cut REAL bad. He is also now growing his "beard" out for "no shave November". We'll see how long that lasts.

It is good to be home. Make that recipe, y'all!

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