Monday, April 1, 2013


Did you guys have a fabulous Easter? We don't really celebrate, but Brendon and I enjoyed the day off together and embarked on our one tradition, dying eggs and then immediately busting them up and deviling them. And eating them. Obviously.

It was slim pickins this year as far as color choices went. I completely forgot that we used most of our food coloring last year so we were just left with green, some blue, and a drop or two of yellow. So green was the theme. Gooooo Slytherin! Hopefully sometime between now and next Easter I'll remember we need more food coloring. Maybe I'll get wild and get a kit!

Creepy much? Don't mind the headphones, our gift from the Easter Bunny was someone hacking our account (why we even have one, I have no idea) and buying some prepaid cell phone plan. So we spent a good chunk of our day on the phone with Wally World, our bank, and the po-lice. Easter surprise!

Hey! Here's what my tiny kitchen really looks like, crap everywhere. I try to avoid the clutter in the food post pics. BUT NOW YOU KNOW THE TRUTH.

Damn I love deviled eggs. I loosely based these guys on Deb's recipe. Emphasis on the loosely, because I sure didn't have anchovies lying around. Although her method of boiling eggs is on point, this is the second batch I've done this way. They peel like champs and the yolks are perfect.

And I leave you with this:

See ya next year Easter! Try to fall in April okay? This March thing is weird.

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