Friday, April 5, 2013

52 weeks of baking: 14 - coconut bread

You guys. I feel like at this point, I'm a decent baker. Like... relatively experienced and most of the things I bake come out pretty good. But you guys. I cannot bake bread. For some reason, bread and loaves are my baking kryponite. I don't know what the deal is, but every bread I make comes out wrong. This was not an exception. I mean, it's not wrong, it's still bread after all, but it's not how it's meant to be, I'm positive. The crust is all kinds of over cooked, and it just straight up crumbles off in chunks when you cut it. My breads are always so... crumbly. I mean, this loaf is pretty delicious regardless, but it's a hot mess physically. I'm sorry Deb, I let you down. Your recipe was perfect I'm sure, bread just throws me for a loop.

Excuse the lameness of these photos, it was all rainy and gross out when I took them and I totally rely on my tiny kitchen window for natural light to illuminate my baking progress and shine through my images. Joking, but sunlight seriously beats that terrible florescent light circa 1981 I was working with.

Unknowingly (although I had my suspicions) pouring another flop of a loaf into a pan.

Like I said, this nonsense tastes good, just is not cute and the integrity of it is... laughable. But I suggest the recipe if you're not cursed with zero bread making abilities like I am. If you know any bread baking secrets (am I just an idiot? should I lower the temp and lengthen the cooking time? is my nonstick pan screwing me over? WHAT IS THE DEAL?), feel free to share. Because I really like eating bread.

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