Tuesday, April 9, 2013

52 weeks of baking: 15 - chocolate zucchini cake

After last weeks minor fail, I decided to go with something I know I'm good at baking, cake. Chocolate zucchini cake specifically. This little book of old recipes my momma gave me is pretty legit. Nothing from here has turned out terrible, yet. And the recipes are SO SIMPLE. Thanks Women of the Farm Bureau from 1950-1980ish! I subbed regular butter for the margarine and used buttermilk for the sour milk. Because I googled sour milk and after seeing how to make it, I just couldn't do it. I can't watch milk sour in minutes and then use it. Just... no.

Please excuse the excessive amount of zucchini. It said two cups of diced zucchini and I was all like, hmmm... how many zucchini do I need for that? THREE! Nope. One and a half. We're having zucchini with dinner this week fosho.

Chocolate and veggies? Slightly unnerving. Sure didn't snack on this batter.

The recipe called for 1/4 cup of chocolate chips sprinkled on top and I was like, B please, you best up that to at least 1/2 cup. And I should have done more. There are never enough chocolate chips ever. But that being said, the cake still came out pretty dang good. It kind of tastes like a fluffy brownie. And I think it would be phenomenal with whipped cream. I might will whip some up for my next piece.

Also, when I cook, I try to use every measuring cup available. Because I looooove doing dishes.

In nonbaking television news, we finished the third season of Glee. We're waiting to watch the fourth when it comes out (IT BETTER BE SOON) because we are not trying to pay any moola to watch it now. Also, my boy Cory is in rehab and wont be in the last few episodes of the current season and that makes me unreasonably sad. You got this Cory. Also, the end of the third season? ALL MY TEARS. I got WAY too into that damn show. I blame it on the fact that Finn looks like Brendon and we were high school sweethearts, blah blah blah emotional girlyness.

We are now watching Pushing Daisies which is extra silly but also extra cute. And Lee Pace? You can smile that crooked smile at me all day. Plus all those dresses? Get in my closet. There's only two seasons and I heard it ends a little oddly, but I'm hoping I'm not adversely affected by it like I was with Glee. Seriously, I was in a funk for like three+ days because of that last episode. DAMN YOU GLEE. Making me feel things.

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