Thursday, April 11, 2013

Siblings Day

Well, that was yesterday. I didn't even know Siblings Day was a thing, until everyone and their moms blew it up on Facebook. So here, have this collection of images:

Throw back huh? You guys are just lucky I only have access to pictures from 2007-now. My momma's computer has the real gold. One day I'll raid it and you'll all be subjected to eyeball injuring walks down my memory lane.

Julie Boolie, Jules, Jules Verne, I love you and you're the best sister in the world. Thank you for always being there for me and always being hella supportive in everything I've done. Thank you for being so sweet, so funny, and still loving me even thought I hit you with an N64 controller (and other things) when we were kids. I have loved being your big sister, more than you'll ever know. I can't wait to keep watching you grow up. Yes, I realize you're an adult now, but you'll always be a baby to me. You're the best Jules.

Jason, or as I'll always and forever call you, JJ, thanks for being an awesome step-brother. We've grown up together through some crazy times and didn't killed each other (although there were close calls), and I'm glad. Thanks for putting up with me in my teen years, I'm sure that was terrible. I'm glad you came into our lives. You're hilarious, incredibly smart, and a fellow crazy cat person. I'm glad to call you family. Love you bro.

And here's my all time favorite picture of us:

If that stupid time stamp wasn't on there (or if I knew anything about photoshop) I'd totally have a least an 8x10 of this on my wall. I need that nonsense. I mean, teen angst much? Plus I'm blonde??

Love you guys. Thanks for being my siblings. Lets hang out soon.

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