Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Great Austin Hamburger Quest - Opal Devine's

I swear we don't just eat all the time. Food is just all I blog about apparently.

Next up on our quest-o-burgers; Opal Devine's. We'd never been before, for burgers or otherwise, but I'd heard good things and we live suuuuper close to one. It's an American food kinda place with an excellent selection of adult beverages, and a killer patio.

Brendon got the Bandera Burger (fried onions, bacon, pepper jack, and bbq) and I built my own (pickles, mayo, fried egg, and cheddar)! Now for the deets:

Pretty damn good. Thick handmade patty. Our favorite part was the plethora (Brendon's word) of toppings. I got a fried egg on mine! They have tons of toppings and bun choices. They also have a black bean burger that I was tempted to try, but a veggie burger with an egg on it just seems weird. The buns were delish. I got regular white and Brendon had a jalapeno cheddar bun. This place makes a damn good burger y'all.

I am a huge fan of a place that has side options that are not fried. I am not nuts about fried food. I got black beans, but they also had veggies (!) and mac and cheese (!!) among other things. Brendon loooooves fries and he approved of these. They were loaded up with pepper, in a good way. He said they were "da bomb.com". My beans were yummy too!

Badass patio. I love me a good patio. This place is right on South Congress but you feel like you're miles away. It's up on a hill so all you see are trees! I loved loved loved the patio. I'm sure it's not so awesome when it's 105 degrees out, but they have misters everywhere so it's probably not too bad!

Pretty good! Mondays are buy one get one half off on burgers. Also they have a legit happy hour, plus half price apps. Happy hour + patio? Yes please. We got a couple margaritas and they were on point and cheap. And I'm a picky lady when it comes to margs.

Aside from the phenomenal patio? There's a strip club next door. Plus or minus, take it as you will. Thighs and fries anyone? (< Brendon responsible for that query, obviously)

Overall, this place is awesome. Good food and an excellent place to chill. One of our new hangouts I'm sure. Aaaaand it beat out Dan's Hamburgers, sorry Dan!


  1. Try's Hut's...that was THE place when I lived in Austin...but that was about 14 years ago. I also liked Shady Grove.

    1. I've always wanted to go to Shady Grove! Thank you for the suggestions, we'll totally try them out!