Friday, April 12, 2013

Purple princess dress

Why yes, the title of this post is PURPLE princess dress contrary to how blue this dress looks in these pictures. I promise it's purple. Like really purple. The evening lighting is no bueno for documenting actual colors I guess. Just take my word for it y'all. Or there's a picture on instagram.

This dress was a lot of fun to make, I used this Simplicity pattern. On the topic of color, originally it was supposed to be this badass salmon/coral fabric, but as the sales associate was rolling it out I noticed it had big ol' stripes of what looked like dirty water stains all over it. Homegirl tried to tell my that it was a pattern! I was like, girl. I know a stain when I see one. So I ended up with the same fabric in purple, sans stains. It's a poplin similar to the little blue dress I just made, just slightly lighter weight. More cotton than polyester. Sewing with poplin is so lovely!

I had a couple hiccups making this dress. Well one big hiccup. It ended up a couple sizes too big, which is ridiculous because I followed the measurements on the pattern and then went down a size. So there was hella post-construction construction on this bad boy to make it fit properly. But it ended up just fine (after a lot of seam ripping) and fits like a glove. I dubbed it the princess dress because, doesn't it look like something a princess would wear?? The neckline and sleeves are my favorite.

I mean, how cute is that sleeve?? I love it! Also, the back scoops relatively low, which is fun! Definitely unlike any thing else in my closet.

I swear to the Cullens I am not a vampire. The twilight (HA, yes, pun intended) just accentuates the fact that I have basically no pigment in my skin these days. Now that it is getting warmer (except for the past two days which have been stupid cold, what the heck Texas?) maybe I'll look towards the sun every now and then.

So welcome to my wardrobe little purple princess dress! You were super fun to make and I love you. I'm already planning on making another version. The variations of this pattern are pretty... variant? Little changes to the neckline and sleeves turn it into a completely different dress. Can't wait for round two!

And here's my cute and very sweet husband, who took a break from studying to snap of few pictures of my dress. Thanks boo, you're adorable.

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