Thursday, April 4, 2013

Little blue dress

Hey! I made a dress! Remember when that happened all the time? I got some crafty gift cards for my birthday so I had an excellent excuse to jump back into sewing. However, get this, when I was checking out with my fabric and patterns, a super sweet lady in line behind me bought everything for me! She said she supported what I was doing she thinks more young people should sew. She was so kind and even though I tried to say no over and over she insisted on buying my things for me. We walked out to the parking lot together and she told me about her older daughter who was going to school for art and her younger daughter who she was trying to get into sewing, but didn't seem interested. Her younger daughter was in the car, she refused to go into the store with her mom. It made me a little sad, I know sewing isn't "cool" and all, but dang! One day she'll be grateful and thank her momma for teaching her how to sew. Just like I am extra grateful that my mom taught me. Although I was (am) a nerd and liked sewing.

So this dress means a little something extra to me, because it was paid for by someone who loves her daughters. Someone who went way out of their way to touch my little life. Someone who made my day and reminded me that there is so much loveliness in this sometimes not so lovely world. Thank you random stranger, you're the best. I'll pass it on I promise!

The pattern is SUPER simple. I plan on making other versions, it was sooo easy to make. And it came out nicely! I love the simple clean lines and of course, that collar. I used bright blue and white poplin that was pretty much a joy (and a breeze) to sew on. After taking a rather long break from sewing, this was the perfect dress to get me back into the swing of things. Oh and please excuse my man arms and awkward stance. It was actually real chilly out and apparently that's how I stand when I'm cold.

I AM SO PALE. I promise I am wearing white tights, the scary part is my arms are the same color. But I mean really, I cannot get enough of that scalloped collar. Collars on everything.

Also, cat sweater!!! Thanks Kristy, that sweater is the bomb. Also, an actual cat:

This is the second time we've run into this fellow behind South Congress! If it happens again we might have to take him home. He's super sweet and so handsome. He wouldn't show the camera his eyes, but they are the prettiest sea foam green. Gives Greg a run for his money.

And kudos to my main man for taking pictures of me and my dress. And kudos for sharing cupcakes with me too.

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