Monday, April 2, 2012


Happy April y'all! Did you fool anyone good yesterday? I don't think we participated at all. I'm okay with that. 

Yesterday was a good day. Both Brendon and I had the day off, and even though he spent a good deal of it studying, we squeezed in some quality time. And because carrying your phone around is so much easier than carrying a camera around, I documented everything instagram-style.

We went on a little dinner date for happy hour sushi and some delish banana tempura at this little place called Umi we love. So good and such a good deal. I could eat sushi all day.

We also did some work with our plants and gained a few new flora members of our family! I feel like we've crossed into a weird early middle-aged-ness when a trip to Lowe's is fun and exciting.

My new basil plant! Fresh basil growing on my window sill? Yes please.

This little guy arrived this week all the way from California as a gift from Brendon's momma. It's a money tree (lets hope it brings us good fortune)! We named him Benjamin, I think it's appropriate.

We also planted some potatoes, not sure how successful that will be. We named our future potato plant Samwise just in case we're lucky and something sprouts up.

Puttin Brendon to work! 

We also planted some Lilly of the Valley bulbs.. seeds... roots? We named her Lily Potter, clever eh? You can also see Herbert back there, he got transferred to a big boy pot and is living outside now instead of on our window sill. Wish him luck.

The new window sill arrangement, it's quite crowded. Spike, Benjamin, some little forget-me-not seedlings (yet to be been named), my new basil plant (also not named yet), Teasley, and Norbert.

Yes, I realize we are crazy plant people. Whatever. 

I also baked some banana muffins! I used my banana bread recipe and just poured them into muffin cups instead of a bread pan. I sprinkled a little cinnamon sugar on top and hoped for the best. They turned out pretty dang good!

Pretty fabric I'm turning into clothes. Pretty fabric makes me so happy.

It was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday off. A perfect mixture of relaxation, productivity, and lots of time with my husband. Even if he is glued to his computer, cramming for a test tomorrow. Send him lots of smarty pants vibes y'all!


  1. How was the banana tempura! It looked good!

    1. It is delicious! We have you to thank for our introduction to that wonderful dessert! :) Noodle Wave will always be the best!

    2. lol, that was awesome!!!