Friday, April 20, 2012


Sophie lifting some weights

  Sophie loving my shoes.

Obviously Sophie appreciates my new outlook on fitness. She has always loved shoes (the stinkier the better) but today when I took my shoes off after my run she really went nutzo for them. Maybe I ran through some catnip and didn't realize it. Or maybe my feet stink.

Is this becoming a workout blog? HA. No way. I am still the same lazy fatass, just trying to avoid a heart attack at 30. But I'm not going to lie y'all, I am starting to truly enjoy exercise. I love the way my body feels just a little stronger. I can't see a difference yet, but I feel good. And I'm becoming addicted to that good feeling. I've been running every other day and doing pilates or some other workout the other days. I've been working out everyday. SO WEIRD.

Last night, Brendon and I did some upper body workout action together. With weights! It was fun! Although he is waaaay stronger than I am (my weights are like 5lbs each and his are like... 15 or 20? I can barely hold one of them). I'm probably going to regret putting this on the internet, but that man has some serious muscles. I was impressed last night. But don't tell anyone, especially Brendon.

And thanks to this lovely site my friend showed me, I figured out that my usual run I've been doing is about a mile! And today I ran the entire thing! I ran a whole mile, non stop. And some of that was up hill (and some was downhill...)! That is insane y'all, because I am the laziest person ever and have always despised running. I am really proud of myself. I am truly starting to enjoy running now. It hurts and sucks sometimes, but I like it. I'm getting used to breathing while running, slowly getting over that hump so my lungs don't burn the whole time. My lungs and legs are getting stronger everyday and it's crazy to see and feel that progress. It makes me feel good.

So to keep this up, I have created incentives for myself. If I can keep running a few times a week for a month, I'll buy myself some new running clothes. Maybe a shirt and some new running shorts. I've been running in the same pair of shorts and whatever t-shirt I slept in the night before. Not cute. And if I can keep it up for two months, I will buy myself a new pair of shoes. So lets get that new gear y'all! Run, run, run! Heads up though, it will probably all be pink.

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