Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tuesday with the Hogans

Yesterday I had the day off and luckily Mr. H got off relatively early from school so it was like having the whole day together! Bonus! So of course I documented our lovely day via instagram. It's just so damn handy.

We had a late lunch/early dinner (linner!) at Home Slice, which has quickly become my absolutely favorite place to eat in Austin. Okay it might be a tie between there and our sushi place. But seriously, this pizza is good and I don't even like pizza normally. I had been craving it ALL week, and we finally got some and it was aaaamazing as usual. If you are in Austin, GO THERE. The margherita is divine and the plain cheese is always a good choice. Yesterday Brendon got the meatball pizza and I was seriously impressed. New favorite?

The cheese and the marg. So good.

After pizza came snow cones. Because duh snow cones are amazing. Brendon got the Bevo (which I thought was disgusting but he liked, I think it was orange cream something?) and I got blue raspberry and strawberry. Yummy and it's pretty!

After stuffing our faces we made a grocery run and then came home and chilled on the patio. Well, I chilled and Brendon studied. The weather has been so great lately, a little warm in the sun (my run this morning was sweaty) but it's perfect in the shade.

Mr. H hard at work!

Mrs. H straight chillin' like a bum!

Little Greg wondering why he can't be outside too.

 Pretty trees that keep our patio and apartment nice and cool!

We have been roaming around Austin lately checking out apartments (and one really awesome duplex), deciding our whether or not we should move when our lease is up. We found some great places, but they all mean paying a heck of a lot more, plus the cost of moving and paying deposits again. And the more I think about it, the less I want to move. We have a nice place here. Sure it's old (and sometimes falling apart) and our neighbors aren't so nice, but it's convenient, cheap, and it feels like home. We would have to relearn a whole side of town. I like South Austin. So I think we'll probably stay at this little funky place for at least another year. Our bank account will thank us and so will our stress levels. We have enough going on already, I can't imagine throwing moving into the mix!

Oh and completely unrelated, but I have to share this greatness of this recipe with you all:

The Best Brownies Recipe. The name doesn't lie, these brownies are the best. It's super duper easy and they are super duper yummy. Seriously though, when it says don't over cook them, DON'T OVER COOK THEM. I accidentally cooked mine for an extra minute or two this time (I dropped my timer and it reset itself, because that's how I roll) and they came out way dryer than the first time I made them. Still good, just a little dry. And the brownie batter is pretty much amazing. Just try not to lick your spoon and bowl clean. Also, there is icing. MAKE THEM Y'ALL!

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