Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekend report

Where did this last week go? Sheesh, it flew by. I'm glad it did but I feel a little left in the dust, if that makes sense. I neglected blogging, that's for sure. So here's a short recap of what I was up to this week:

- Making lots and lots of coffee to pay them bills.
- Being sleepy but not napping.
- Sewing like there's no tomorrow. Finished up my dress and wrapping up another project! Yay productivity!
- Baking yummy things.
- Distracting Brendon from studying on the daily (what I do best).
- Running!
- Running in the evening and being scared, this city is friendlier in the morning.
- Running with Brendon and being reminded that I am still so out of shape.
- Drinks with one of my favorite ladies in the sunshine!
- Being the awkward non-smarty-pants-longhorn at pharmacy school functions.
- And lots of snow cones, forever and always.

Here at the Hogan household we are preparing for the big ONE YEAR tomorrow. One year of marriage! Can you believe it?? Technically since this year was a leap year it really is one year today, but technical crap is for the birds. Regardless, one year y'all!!! One year of awesome married-ness!

And because I don't have anything better to post, here's a picture of Sophie being extra cute.

That cat is made of softness. How I love my little grey baby!

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