Monday, April 23, 2012

The heat is almost here and a whole lot of randomness

Yesterday morning when I left for work, I wore a jacket and had the heat on in my car. When I came home from work, it was HOT. Nice in the shade but real hot in the sun. Texas hot. Brendon and I went on a short little walk to get the mail and I was literally appalled by the heat. I got a sinking feeling in my stomach as soon as I felt it. It instantly brought back memories of last summer, the summer of terribleness, and I wanted to get out of it as soon as possible.

Seriously, I need to get a grip. Texas summers are stupid hot, and they always will be. Last summer sucked (and it was ridiculously-record-breaking hot every damn day), but this summer will be infinitely better. I know this. It will probably kick last summers butt into outer space, and I should be counting down the days, but for some reason I am still dreading the months of summer. Silly but true. I am dumb and can't wait for the good memories of this summer to erase the not so good of last summer. I'm just not quite ready for the scorching heat yet. I need to hold on to this beautiful spring for a few more weeks.

In other news, this weekend we were finally able to get together with my dad and Lynne to do a little belated birthday celebrating. Mostly it was just nice to see them! We ate at a little restaurant called Woodland near us. It was good! They had a cool menu and the space was neat. There were hipster servers galore (I think our waitress may have had a heart attack when my dad ordered a miller lite) but hey, it's Austin. They had some amazing chocolate pies on display that I MUST try soon. We will be back.

 Birthday candles on cupcakes and my perfected Katniss braid.

And here's Brendon yesterday, studying hard to be a pharmacist:

Here's Brendon annoyed with me for taking pictures and proving that I am the palest person alive:

And here's me and Greg, he didn't seem to mind the pictures as long as he got to headbutt me:

 Sleepy Sophie napping in the sun, behind my creepy looking sewing machine:

Also, this weirdness:

 Mostly a joke. 

 My scotch tape dispenser matches the dress I'm making perfectly. Kinda weird.


  1. Woodland on SoCo? Matthew and I went there once! Cool place. :)

    You two are so cute!!

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